Protecting homes

Protecting homes Peace of mind the simple way

Crime is a sad fact, and for us protecting homes is of paramount importance, because at BOX we more then understand the true cost of burglary, often what burglars take is of no importance, but the emotional trauma they leave behind will be.

BOX intruder alarm systems are very good at protecting homes, and also have a very good effective visual deterrent.
First of all, our distinctive stainless steel alarm BOX,
local burglars are familiar with our BOX Box, logo and it’s flashing worn away red LED light.
Secondly BOX intruder alarm systems are designed to prevent entry, by detecting an attempted burglary, instead of (like others) only detecting intruder movement inside the property, after the burglar has broken into your home.
You may be concerned over possible disruption from a wired alarm system, don’t worry, intelligent BOX smart home wireless radio automation solutions, bring home security, to an all new international level of protection, with minimal disruption and normally supplied and installed in one day.
Radio intruder alarm systems from BOX complete with smoke heat and poisonous gas detection, home automation and much more, will provide a comprehensive protection plan for your home.
The benefits are endless, for instance, with our mobile phone app, you will be able to turn your alarm system on or off, open the garage door, turn on the lights, turn down the heating, from any were in the world, but alas most just use the app in bed. 

Intruder Alarms 



Protecting your home from intruders is everything and with our fully customisable range of multi-award winning security solutions, we guarantee a system that will meet all of your expectations and leave you satisfied that your home is secure.

Remote CCTV Alarms

426_8ICAM/PT Internal Video Camera View live streamed video of your home from your smart device.

Smoke & fire Alarms

SMOKE-WE Two-way wireless smoke sensor

Carbon Monoxide Alarms


CO-WE two-way wireless carbon monoxide sensor

Flood and Temperature Alarms 376_8

WL-WE Two-way wireless water leak detector

Smart home Automation

home-automationRadio controlled 13Amp twin socket outlet,
remotely control any device connected to this Box Security outlet.

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